Why Patients Don’t Call You

Oh my God!  Why is this taking forever? Oh well, you know this happens to everyone – when a page just takes too long to open.


Dentists, I am not the only that gets this frustrated.  I have got two numbers to back this phenomenon now. It seems that if a website takes more than three seconds to load, you are going to lose 40% of your website visitors.  They are just going to hit the back button, exit your website; they are to be on the Google again, and they are going to be on one of your competitor website that is much faster.  Speed matters when it comes to providing a fantastic experience to your perspective patients.  Make sure put your website; all your pages are loading within a second.  So I am looking at some numbers here, and it says 50% of the users expect their website to loan within two seconds.  So if it doesn’t load that fast you are going to be leaving a lot of patients out of your practice, and you won’t be getting the best conversion possible.  So speed matters.  So if you want us to run a test on your website and tell you how fast your speed is, and how many people are missing out, give us a shout.  Our website is below, contact us. Also, make sure you subscribe to our channel and we will continue providing you great dental marketing tips


Another quick note; make sure your website is loading fast; both on your mobile as well as on your desktop computer.


Have a great day.