Stop Hurting Dental Marketing Efforts with Bad Selling

Hey dentists, do you have a documented system in place to follow up on your potential patients? If not, it’s costing you a lot of money.

Abdul Farooqi here and let me share a story with you.

Once of the clients that we work with, we built them a beautiful website; we got them on the front page of google and we built them a sales funnel. We built an opt-in site on their website. What that mean is if a patient was interested in a particular service they can fill out a form and request more information. Not request an appointment, but just get more information. So in this particular case the dentist provided cosmetic services; so non-mandatory services for dental implants; and what happened in this case is in the funnel, once the person filled out the form, put in their email address and their name, they would receive an education on that procedure, over the course of two months; and this client had approximately two hundred patients; So two hundred people received an education on this procedure.

After two months they asked them to fill out a form for an appointment. So out of two hundred people, there were approximately twenty-five people that requested an appointment; and these people came into the office and received a consultation. And out of twenty-five people, they were only able to convert one person. So the marketing was definitely working in this case. They got twenty-five people in two months to walk into their clinic and get a one-on-one consultation. But only one out of the twenty-five people accepted the treatment.

So what was lacking here? It wasn’t the marketing. It was the sales. Once they came in, they did not receive the type of experience that they expected; so make sure you work on that. Put yourself in the client’s position. What are they really looking for, and provide them with that benefit, deliver that value for them, and then make sure you follow up. Because they may not pull the trigger right there and then, but they will if you follow up. So we followed with this company, and once we found out they had only one conversion, which is better than zero, we also found out that they had only followed up with one phone call with each customer. So we asked them to follow up again and give each twenty-four of these people a call again; and they were able to convert three more. So just by following up, they got four times more patients as they did before. So make sure you have a system in place for all of your prospects, for all your prospective patients; and don’t just leave it to one person to do the work. If that office manager leaves, make sure the system is still being followed and you don’t miss out on a lot of opportunity.

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