Pay Per Lead


Do all the Digital Marketing solutions seem time consuming and arduous to you? Here’s a way to directly catapult your business onto the first page of the search results. It’s through Pay Per Lead advertising— a clean, efficient and reliable way to beat your competitors and garner leads.

With this, the Sun will shine on your business instantly, since your visibility will go up on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our Digital Marketing professionals are all Adwords certified, veterans in handling millions of dollars as PPC advertising budget. We’ll execute your campaign with the highest precision, place it well, glaze it with efficient copywriting to grab maximum attention for increased leads to bolster your ROI.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) deals with driving traffic and increasing visibility on search engines through paid advertising. And Google, Yahoo and Bing lead the way in Pay per Click listings.

As a business owner, you’re in a profession that requires you to be readily available for your prospective customer. Sometimes organic search optimization (though highly effective), can take a tad too long in taking effect, hampering your sales. But, first page visibility is paramount, hence appearing on search keywords relevant to your business is important.

We’re capable of designing an engaging PPL campaign for your business. This will not only escalate the number of customers through the door, but will also  promote your business. Besides, it will buy time for you to work on organic rankings.


If pitted against Search Engine Optimization, PPL campaigns can shore up your business, provide it an initial push, especially if you’re debuting on the web with a brand new website. As a business owner, it’s absolutely essential that your customer base continues to widen, as you’re offering a service. Good service is the best brand ambassador. Through effective Pay Per Lead campaigns, we can help meet your requirements of bringing in customers, so your business flourishes.

Having carved a niche in digital marketing, we totally comprehend what quality service means to you.

Pay Per Lead campaigns would be just what the doctor ordered for your business. With a meticulous analysis coupled with dynamic bid management techniques, we’ll ensure your ads are placed strategically for your most crucial keywords, and you don’t incur any costs for keywords that are not relevant to your business – this is something that happens all the time and many companies don’t manage. We understand that for businesses, each click can cost upto tens, even hundreds of dollars, and therefore, we take steps to optimize each campaign

We will see to it that your revenue targets are achieved with the utmost accuracy to augment your new customer flow.

Price Range: You only invest in advertising that pays you – or we don’t get paid