How to Get Reviews from Dental Patients

Hi Dentist,

Abdul here. Today I’m gonna talk about reviews. Reviews, online reviews are imperative for anyone that has a local business, especially dentist. Because the services you are offering, require a lot of expertise. And people want to see that, other people have enjoyed their experience with you. If you don’t have a good dentist, your experience could be painful, as well as very costly. So what are some of the best ways to get reviews?  Remember, the point is to get positive reviews, but at the same time, unbiased as well, as very honest. Because that’s when reviews can be highly powerful, for your business. Identify your patient’s life cycle, and all points of contact. See where this opportunity, for email contact as well. What you can do is, email a confirmation, for the time, for their appointment. Then once the service has been rendered, you can thank them for their time, and ask for a review, at that point. Then a follow up after 2 weeks, if they have not given a review, on Google, or Yelp, or any review site. Then what can do is, follow up after 2 weeks, and then you look at your life cycle.

What is your next point of contact with the customer?  It’s probably going to be after 6 months, when you schedule them for a cleaning. So after 6 months, you email them. Remind them for their appointment, in 2 weeks’ time. Then also again, remind them to write a review. Then you can ask them for a review again, after their second cleaning appointment. Basically before every cleaning, and after every cleaning, until you get a response from them. So that’s an excellent way to get, honest and biased, reviews. Keep in mind, reviews are tremendously important. Over 80% of North Americans attribute, tremendous value to online reviews. This serves as a permanent record, of your patients thoughts on you. Into the future, more and more people are gonna visit you online. More and more people, are gonna look for dentist online.

If you have already dozens, and hundreds of reviews. You’re just gonna look like the expert, in your niche. So make sure, you make full use of that. Another thing we do for our clients, we install a special link on an email. Where once a patient receives an email, from you. Right beside the subject line, there is a button which takes them to the review page. So they don’t even have to go inside, and read your email. There is a button, right beside the subject heading line. You might have seen this, on something similar as well. You can do something like that as well. If you’re our client, we’re   gonna do that for you. I hope that was helpful. Got any questions, email me. If you need help, we do all these things for our clients. I look forward to hearing from you. Take care.