Get Found on Search

“93% of online experiences begin with search engines & 75% of website visitors never go past the 1st page of search results…” – SEL
…are you doing enough to get your business noticed? 


  • On Page SEO – We’ll apply a comprehensive list of advanced SEO techniques to ensure your website complies well with search engines like Google. We’ll do deep research on your existing site and build content, via blogging or other methods to ensure that your ranks can are improved dramatically
  • Off Page SEO– We’ll build your website’s presence through relevant link building, Social media optimization, Forum postings, Business Reviews, Local Listings & Yellow Pages, Social Bookmarking, besides other useful measures necessary for off page optimization.
  • Keyword Analysis– We’ll employ keyword tools, analytics and apply all our experience and knowledge to zero in on finding the most useful search terms, relevant to your business.
  • Analytics– Our expertise in measuring site analytics will help you examine how your audience responds to your site, where they come from, how much time they spend on it and so on.
  • Content Marketing– By positioning you as a the leading business amongst your contemporaries in your given area, we’ll not only spread a good word about you but make you stand apart with relevant content.

What’s in a Search Engine Rank? 

Apparently a lot! If your website is not on the first couple of pages, it’s bad news for the business. For the general audience, your rank on the search engine spells out your reputation.

Better rank for “industry + city name” equals better visibility (more prominence for your business), from 100’s of people searching for your services within your city every week.

This equals to more new customers to your business every month.

Getting a good rank requires deeper analysis. It’s not just about getting into your audience’s mind, and figuring out what they type in the search box. However, with  suitable digital marketing techniques and SEO you can go up the ladder on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Our strategy is all-encompassing and result-oriented 

Search engine optimization for the your industry starts with concentrating on the goals of your business. For instance, your goal may be to gain more and more customers or to build brand awareness for your business. Therefore, we’ll apply the most up-to-date SEO techniques accordingly.

We’ll find out the most relevant keywords your audience is likely to type in the search box.

We’ll also find out keywords that aren’t useful to you, in order to ensure such keywords don’t mar the quality of your site. Apart from keyword research based on search volume, we’ll try to decipher, what draws your customers, what do they look for in a business, etc.

Competitor analysis, code enhancement for your site, etc., also remains an important part of our result-oriented strategy.

We Offer a Complete Digital Marketing Package

It’s not just SEO but several other techniques that are important for a well-rounded Digital marketing approach like Pay Per Click (PPC), Email marketing, Local Search Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Display Advertising Services, Landing Page Optimization, Online Advertising, etc., that can augment your plans suitably.

Likewise, your business will also require a clutter free, compelling, customized website design.

A Digital strategy isn’t a “one size fits all” phenomena; every business needs a tailor-made strategy instead. It all depends on the scope of your service, its potential, your location, your ultimate objective, etc.

As digital marketing experts, we’ll recommend to you the most fitting cure in the digital space for a successful business.

Value to Client: $15,000 – $90,000+
Monthly Rate: $997 – $2997+ (backed by  a guarantee)
(depending on your area & competitiveness)