Facebook Marketing

“93% buying decisions of Shoppers are Influenced by Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)…By 2015, 50% of sales on the Web would be via Social Media”  —Mashable.com


What is the one place online that the majority of adults spend their time on? Facebook.

If you don’t already know, as of Jan 2014, there were more than 1.23 billion active users on Facebook. That’s nearly 3 times the population of the United States of America!

So what does that mean for a business owner?

It means that hundreds of your prospective customers are  spending hours on Facebook every day and if you aren’t using this amazing platform to engage them,  you are losing out.

Are you still not intrigued?

Maybe you think “Facebook is for Kids” or “Businesses can’t get customers through Facebook

Here are the facts:

  • Largest group of Facebook users is 25-34
  • Fastest growing group of Facebook users is the 60+ population
  • The amount of money businesses spend on Facebook has quadripled over the past 5 year. This year businesses will spend over $10 Billion on Facebook Marketing

There is a huge opportunity for business owners to capitalize on this marketing opportunity and we would be speak with you for a customized strategy.

Value to Client: $15,000+
Our Price:


Remember following a good word put forth by someone close to you about a certain service or product? Becoming a brand starts with reaching out to people, familiarizing yourself with them and building trust. This is where Social media marketing comes in. The engagement your brand receives on social media sites can toss it from the bottom to the top with the right campaign.

At Lions Marketing we’re committed to supercharge your image and credibility and power your business. We’ll strengthen your social media profiles to bond with your potential customers, earn their trust and get them to know us better. This will not only help in announcing your presence to the world, but in building your reputation too.


  • Social media is transforming at a breakneck pace; it’s a hard to keep up, but is surely worth doing it.
  • The way people have taken to social media, is no short of a complete change in societal behavior. Welcome to the future, ladies & gentlemen.

As a business owner, you can use the social media space to make your prospective customers comfortable with you.


In order to create buzz about your business, you must join the action (discussions) over social media groups. We know where your potential customers are placed.; our customized social media campaigns can help you reach out to them.

If marketers can influence audience to take buying decisions on social media, then business owners like you can do it too. It’s especially easier to influence people when it comes to health measures; since it’s for people’s own good.

Our Social Media Marketing experts can formulate a foolproof strategy for your business, so you may not just be present, but be a leading light on the social media stage.

Contrary to popular notion, social media is far more than just having a Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter or Linkedin page. It requires nurturing these pages with regular updates, frequent and engaging discussions and exchange of information. You will reap the benefits of it, after a constant dose of interaction with your audience (in your case-prospective customers). With our expertise, knowledge and zeal we’re sure to take up your social media authority several notches higher.