Digital Marketing Ideas

  • How to Grow from 1 to 6 Practices in 6 years..

    In this 50 Minute interview, you’ll learn the following: – Best ways compensate your staff & dentists when running multiple clinics – How to create more time & decrease stress by setting up partnerships that work – How to cut ineffective marketing costs by 75% and still get the same number of patients.. Are you looking to jump start your

  • 5 Ways to Create Attention Grabbing Emails & Newsletters

    Hey dentists. Some of you spend hundreds of dollars, sending out emails, as well as newsletters, to your patients, but these never get read. So in this episode, I’m gonna go over, scientifically proven methods, which get your patients to read your emails. So the number 1 way is, to use what your best TV series, use as well. Think

  • Dental Marketing 2014 Predictions

    Hey Practitioners, Abdul here. Somebody asked me, what are my predictions for the next 12 months, in the world of internet marketing. Especially, when it relates to Dental Practitioners. In the past few years, you’ve already seen a lot of changes. SEO and Link building are not as simple as they used to be. There’s been a lot of changes

  • How to Get Reviews from Dental Patients

    Hi Dentist, Abdul here. Today I’m gonna talk about reviews. Reviews, online reviews are imperative for anyone that has a local business, especially dentist. Because the services you are offering, require a lot of expertise. And people want to see that, other people have enjoyed their experience with you. If you don’t have a good dentist, your experience could be

  • How NOT to Fail on Local Search

    Hi Dentists, Abdul here. Some of you wonder, how important organic search results are. When compared with sponsored results, or inorganic search results. These are listings you can get, if you pay Google Adwords. So if I were to click over here, this would cost Aqua dental center, approximately $5-$7, this is called pay per click.  So what gets clicked on

  • Avoid these Major Dental Website Mistakes

    Hey Dentists! Abdul Farooqi here, today I’m going to talk about the biggest mistakes you might be making with your Dental Website. This is costing you a lot of money right now, and I feel your pain. Number one point is having a poor design. Your website was built five years ago, ten years ago, it’s archaic now, there’s so

  • 3 Low Cost Dental Marketing Ideas

    Stop Hurting Your Dental Practice

    Hey Practitioners! Today I’m going to talk about low cost marketing strategies than can swing big doors for you, so that hundreds of patients can come your way. Alright, so the first thing is: 1. ‘Leverage of Word of Mouth Marketing’. You know, back in the day, people only had the ability to tell their friends about you, which would

  • After $300k, Dentist Finally Reveals How – Internet Marketing Case Study

    Adam, the General Manager of CrisDental found us online and first approached us in 2013. Their problem was obvious. Adam and his brother ran over 6 dental clinics all throughout the western Oregon region. They received dozens of new patients every month. Primarily through advertising on local transit systems, billboards, radios, but they were nowhere to be found in the

  • 100 Patients in 100 Day Challenge – Part 3

    Next Strategy, we need to get an organic strategy so that long term we would be only getting a hundred patients a day because that’s not what I’m looking for. I’m looking for consistent stream of ten, twenty, thirty patients a day; that’s how we do it with the organic plan.  Find out the buyer keywords you want to focus

  • 100 Patients in 100 Day Challenge – Part 2

    Secret Number Four: This is what we like to call your lead generation website But I have a funny story about this, a couple months ago, I was talking to my friend, the dentist and I kind of keep a secret my personal circles about what I do. Right every one asking me to work for them and do you

  • 100 Patients in 100 Day Challenge – Part 1

    So my goal from this, but, also my entire business on a whole, is to help give you the tools and strategies and the techniques you need to help you get your message out to everybody so that there’s no customer out there that you could affect, that doesn’t know about you. You are going to have ability to reach

  • 100 Patients in 100 Day Challenge – Intro

    This is a post on how to get a hundred patients in a hundred days.  ” Well Abdul, that’s a pretty tall order” I’m sure that’s what some of you first said to yourself when you read the headline.  All I can tell you is that this system works in multiple industries, and in practically every developed country in the world.  I’m

  • Stop Hurting Dental Marketing Efforts with Bad Selling

    Hey dentists, do you have a documented system in place to follow up on your potential patients? If not, it’s costing you a lot of money. Abdul Farooqi here and let me share a story with you. Once of the clients that we work with, we built them a beautiful website; we got them on the front page of goggle

  • Why Patients Don’t Call You

    Why Patients Dont Call You

    Oh my God!  Why is this taking forever? Oh well, you know this happens to everyone – when a page just takes too long to open.   Dentists, I am not the only that gets this frustrated.  I have got two numbers to back this phenomenon now. It seems that if a website takes more than three seconds to load,

  • Dental Marketing Budget

    Dental Marketing Budget

    Hey, it’s Abdul Farooqi, your dental marketing expert here.  So let me tell you something.  You already have a dental marketing strategy whether you know it or not.  The fact is you already do. So would you rather have a marketing strategy which has not been systemized, which has not been planned, or would you rather have a clear path

  • What SEO Means for Dentists

    For a lot of dentists, this is a big mystery.  What does SEO really mean?  It simply means optimizing your website so that it displays on the first page of Google, where your prospective patients are searching for you.   So one of the ways we do that, one of the best ways for doing SEO is key word research. 

  • Facebook Marketing Ideas For Dentists

    Facebook Marketing for Dentists

    Hey Practitioners, a lot of you don’t have any idea how powerful Facebook marketing is now for your business.  A Facebook is a platform where people are spending up to 2-3 hours per day and at least couple of hours per week.  The range of people using Facebook starts from young – 12 year-olds to sixty year-olds.  

  • Easy Steps to Build a Dental Marketing Plan

    Hey dentists, today I’m going to go through 5 easy steps to build your marketing plan.   Abdul Farooqi here; and you know I hear all the time 10% of your annual revenue is the best figure for your marketing budget.  I don’t think that is the best way to determine your marketing budget.  So I am going to show

  • Dental Jobs You Should Never Leave

    Hey Practitioners, Dental marketing expert, Abdul Farooqi, here. So we are all about automation, creating systems, for our clients; but there are two jobs that a dental practitioner should never give up. One of these jobs is [can you guess it?]. One job that you can never give us is your cash flow management. So you can always delegate someone

  • Family vs Business Values

    Hey Practitioners, Today we are going to talk about the two main types of values that you as a business owner have to deal with.  Over here you have your family values, which is, one of the most important values in your life; one of the main values in the field of family values, is treating each other with a

  • Grow Dental Practice Business Without Spending any Money – Follow Up!

    Today, I have got something very interesting to tell you; the importance of following up. Let me tell you why it is incredibly important to keep your patients engaged for a longer time, even if they are just on your mailing list. Out of all the people on your mailing list and people that have called you a couple of

  • Cosmetic Dental Marketing: Patient Day

    One of the dentists asked me, “Abdul, during the fall season my business is really slow, what can I do to increase my patient inflow during that time of the year, because some of the marketing techniques may not work during that time of the year”. So, one very powerful way of bringing patients in during that time of the

  • Video Tips for Dentists

    I’m going to talk to you about one of the most powerful ways of building a connection with your audience when they visit your website. This is something we are very big on ourselves, and it’s called video marketing. I can create videos and also having them available on your website is one of the most powerful ways to build

  • How to Stay Motivated & Grow your Dental Practice

    How do you stay motivated to continue marketing effectively? How do you stay motivated to get work done? How do you stay motivated to take your practice to the next level and always be focused towards growing your business? How do you stay motivated? I think about motivation very differently from the general definition of motivation. Sometimes we don’t feel

  • For Dentists: Local Search Exposed

    What is Local Search? Local Search is the area; the segment of your search which has a map on it, on the left side and has the letters abcdef, usually along with a listing. So it shows up as you can see the box right here. I drew this box very quickly. Your advertised box shows up here in the

  • Dental Mail and Post Card Marketing

    Someone asked me after I made my previous video and when I talked about the three mailer sequence is, whether they can do less mail than that, whether they can send one or two instead of sending three mails. My answer is, absolutely not, reason being we live in a very busy society and everyone gets distracted easily. Even if

  • Direct Mail Dental Marketing Formula

    Today I am going to talk to you about another form of marketing, which is just as effective. It’s called Direct Mail Marketing. Yes! So direct mail is not dead. A lot of people think that way but the truth is, when used effectively you can get up to 300/400% on your direct mail marketing efforts. The reason why a

  • Quick Trick Gives Your Patients the Ultimate Dental Experience

    Hey , today I’m going to show you something that one of our clients does to deliver the best possible service to his patients. Now, this might sound a little bit odd and very unconventional for you; but it works very well for him; so stay with me. What he does, is, he starts out an envisioning exercise. He sets