Digital Design

Fact: An average viewer takes just 50 milliseconds to judge your website. Does your current site give a credible first impression?

We’re committed to take a lead generating approach in designing websites for your business. What does that mean?

Our strategy aims to bring together your vision, and business objectives appropriately. Websites that motivate, and encourage prospective customers to call your business.

Our talented designers are capable of delivering  a customized web design that is enticing, load speed optimized, search engines friendly, has quality content and is at par with the latest designing standards. Using the latest techniques, we’ll draw prospective cusomters closer to you.

Our website will include the following:

  • Special emphasis will be given on imparting a unique look and feel to your website.
  • We’ll integrate search engine optimization elements into your web design to augment visibility.
  • The written content provided by our copywriters will be a visual  treat for your readers. We’ll try our best to captivate your audience with  words and presentation that appeals to customers.
  • Special emphasis will be given to all the design elements like- color, consistency, tone, fonts, images, etc., to establish a brand value.
  • Our web design will abide by the W3C standards to ensure efficient functioning,  user friendliness, et al.
  • We’ll offer Google Analytics installation to track and monitor your site’s web traffic, lead generation, in order to grow your site’s traffic, lower your bounce rate, etc.

Our expertise in web design will turn your site into a one stop destination to acquaint customers with your expertise, book appointments, interact, etc.

Prices vary per project.
We’ve completed projects in the following range: $1997 to $5997
(Depending on site complexity and functionality)

Please call us to discover the most suitable solution for you.