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What SEO Means for Dentists

For a lot of dentists, this is a big mystery.  What does SEO really mean?  It simply means optimizing your website so that it displays on the first page of Google, where your prospective patients are searching for you.


So one of the ways we do that, one of the best ways for doing SEO is key word research.  What does that mean?  That means basically optimizing your website for certain keys word.  You have to understand that search engines don’t necessarily look for information based upon your industry, so dentistry.  They don’t look for information based upon your niche.  They look for information based upon certain keywords.  So if you were a dentist in Berkley, we would optimize your website based upon the key word that people are searching for in that area.  After searching, dentist in Berkley, Google shows at the bottom of the page what people are searching or exactly – what are the related key word.  After looking at the keywords they can decide which keywords are relevant to your business, and slowly you continue doing searches; and you continue building more and more key word phrases that are relevant to your business; and then you can start optimizing your website on these keyword phrases.


We do keyword research and optimize our clients’ website for up to hundreds of different keywords, so that we can get a whole range of different people looking for your service.   You can also, after you have a list of key words, go on Google key word planning tool, you can put in all these key words and you can find out exactly how many people are looking for your service in your area every single month.  So this is very powerful information.  So that’s key word research.


Once your keyword research has been done, and you know exactly the phrases that you need to optimize your website for, you can start opening those keyword into your content then you can start sharing that content with relevant businesses, relevant authorities, board of trade, relevant media, in your area and once you start doing that you start building more and more credibility – online credibility for your business.  What you need to understand, Google search engines are just trying to replicate what happens in reality.  Think about a world without internet.  I know it is kind of difficult to do that, but just think about a world without internet. In a world without internet, how would you find a dentist? You would most likely go to your local newspaper, or go to yellow pages, or you go ask a friend and ask him, “hey, is there a dentist that you would suggest for me?””  What you need to understand is Google is trying to replicate exactly that in the real world.  Once your content, once your name, is in different areas on different websites, your local newspaper has talked about your practice, other people are referring to your practice, other people are reading reviews on different websites about your practice, Google search engine sees it that this practice is legitimate, lots of people are talking about it, let’s attribute more importance to this person’s website and that’s how you start getting on top of Google search results, and for those certain keywords, and you start showing up on the first page of Google.  This is true for local search engine results as well, and that is how you can start generating a lot of click s on your website and ultimately a lot of patients for your website.  So it is really not that complicated.  The general concept is very simple so hopefully that helps you out.


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