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Video Tips for Dentists

I’m going to talk to you about one of the most powerful ways of building a connection with your audience when they visit your website. This is something we are very big on ourselves, and it’s called video marketing. I can create videos and also having them available on your website is one of the most powerful ways to build a relationship with your audience online. As you can tell we are very big on this, ourselves. We make videos for a reason, which is it gives people like yourself an opportunity to build a connection with us. I am a real person to you because of video. If this was all through text you probably wouldn’t be paying much attention to me.

So think about some of the largest brands that we have nowadays; Google, Facebook, Apple; all these brands, all these companies, we associate a person behind this. When we think of Apple, we think about Steve Jobs, when we are thinking about Facebook we re thinking about Mark Zuckerberg. When we are thinking about Google there is Sergei; Microsoft is Bill Gates.

The reason that these companies have position faces behind their brands is because people find it much more easier to relate to another human being than to just a brand so we can utilise the same concept for you won brand as well and people are searching for you and they visit your website, they get to see you they get to see your facility, so nowadays doing this is super simple. You can do it with your smart phone. Everyone has a camera nowadays, and it’s not many barriers to do something like that you can very easily upload the video have it available on you and embed the video link on to your website so it is available. It is not that difficult anymore, guys.

What are some of the most important things you are going to have in your video. The things that we incorporate into our own videos [guys, I’m telling you our dirty little secrets]. You are going to have a hook, as you may notice with our videos, as well. We start off with hook to get the audience to listen to us. This is the reason why they should be listening to us in the first place. So your hook could be something like patient, why we should clean your teeth; why you should be coming in for dental cleaning every few months; and then after you hook him in, you are going to show them the path; then you talk about the cleaning, you talk about the processes that you go through in the dental cleaning and what impact this cleaning has on their health. The ultimate goal for them really would be for them to come into your door, so towards the end you can have the formal persuasion once you lead them on the path you show them why the path should lead to your office. You can talk about, ‘patients you’ve watched this video. We can go through this exact process with you. Just mention this code and we give you a…ten percent discount; free consultation.

One thing I also notice that people do wrong in their video – they don’t come across as very authentic. People want to buy from an authentic person. Not [in a robotic voice] ‘come to our office and we will give you an amazing deal and’, you know what I mean? They would rather do business with a person than with this image you are putting up – This robotic voice. Make your video genuine. You can smile, you can laugh, you can mess up some of your videos as well; that’s fine, as long as you are portraying the right image still; still being professional, and conveying the right message that’s all that’s matters.

So, do that. Be authentic. People will resonate, demonstrate your passion in your videos, because at the end of the day, practitioners, you and I are in the same business. We are in the business of helping people. I am in the business of helping you guys do the best you can in your practice, and you are in the business of helping people be healthy, helping people be the best versions of themselves, with brilliant shiny teeth. So we are all in the business of helping people. Demonstrate that passion in your video. Sounds good? If you need any more help; if you need any resources on video marketing, leave a message. We will gladly help you out.

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