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Quick Trick Gives Your Patients the Ultimate Dental Experience

Hey , today I’m going to show you something that one of our clients does to deliver the best possible service to his patients. Now, this might sound a little bit odd and very unconventional for you; but it works very well for him; so stay with me.

What he does, is, he starts out an envisioning exercise. He sets up an expectation for himself that, every patient that comes in is going to be so satisfied that they are going to refer two patients with him eventually. That is his expectation. So he sets the bar that high. Then what he does; he sits down and closes his eyes, and he envisions the type of experience it would take for the patient to be exuberantly satisfied with his service. So he closes his eyes, puts himself in his shoes, and envisions the process, and the customer service, and the experience that it would require for him to be that satisfied.

I know it sounds kind of funny, but the truth is, he does very well. What his envisioning exercise does is relaxes you and enables you to think very rationally what type of experience it would take; Because the truth is as dentists, you have already read a lot of books, you already know what type of experience you should be delivering to your patients; but when he starts envisioning and visualizing the type of experience that you would like to see in your clinic, the dream, the ultimate dream scenario, once you start with envisioning it, when you open up your eyes; and go into your own clinic and see that type of service is not being rendered, then you start addressing those patients.

Another very interesting study that I found which corresponds with this, which corroborates this, is a study of four (4) groups of athletes.

What they did was, they had one group of athletes that just did physical training for a couple of weeks, and these were swimmers, and they segmented swimmers into four groups:

  • First group did only physical exercise
  • Second group did 25% envisioning exercises and visualizing themselves swimming very well, and visualizing themselves taking the gold medal and winning; and they would do that 25% of the time and 75% of the time they would do just physical training
  • Third group – 50/50 between physical and envisioning exercises, and
  • The 4th group did 75% envisioning and 25% physical training only.

You have to realize that all these athletes are in their peak performance or form, but guess which group out of the four did the best.

The study revealed that the group that 75% of the time did envisioning exercise and only 25% of the time did physical training, that group actually outperformed everyone and improved the most.

So I know its sound very funky, but there is something there, so try that exercise yourself; put yourself in the client’s shoes and see what type of experience you will like to see delivered in your practice; so I hope you found this useful as well as somewhat entertaining; but definitely try it out for your dental practice. I highly suggest it.

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