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Dental Jobs You Should Never Leave

Hey Practitioners,
Dental marketing expert, Abdul Farooqi, here. So we are all about automation, creating systems, for our clients; but there are two jobs that a dental practitioner should never give up.

One of these jobs is [can you guess it?]. One job that you can never give us is your cash flow management. So you can always delegate someone else to take care of your accounting, to record where you are spending this money , but you should always be the person writing the cheques and disbursing cash wherever is necessary.

With that you will have a much better idea of your weekly/monthly spend is what are some of the big ticket items coming into the future. Once you have a better picture of your cash flow you have a much better understanding of where your organization stands and how you can grow.

People that end up given that task completely do not understand these things and then they are unable to grow and are prone to surprises in their business as well. Make sure you are the one writing the cheques. Another reason for that is if someone is writing the cheques, they are not going to have the same value for you dollar that you do for your money. It is just common sense and that is how reality works. Their priorities don’t allow it. It is very easy for you to spend someone’s money than it is to spend your own.

So the second job that you can never really give up is, being in charge of growth of your own business; being in charge of marketing. Why Do I say that” I see a lot of dental clinics being run passively, and there is nothing wrong with that for the first couple of months, but afterwards it starts taking a real impact on your sales.

Your sales start declining; your patients coming in the door start declining. If you are just running your business based on referral, you are just leaving your business very prone to economic market conditions, or just competitors snatching away your customers. So always understand how you are growing your business.

Always have an inflow of new patients, and even if you are not the type of person that enjoy that type of stuff you should definitely have an idea of where you are getting your customers from and who is going to be responsible for the growth of that business and how much you are actually spending toward these people on a monthly basis and what is the ROI you should be getting from these month spending.

So know that; what are your goals for next year; who is going to be responsible for the marketing; and all the other points I mentioned, as well; and with that, you can continually grow your business and go from having one practice to a lot more…

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