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How to Stay Motivated & Grow your Dental Practice

How do you stay motivated to continue marketing effectively? How do you stay motivated to get work done? How do you stay motivated to take your practice to the next level and always be focused towards growing your business? How do you stay motivated?

I think about motivation very differently from the general definition of motivation. Sometimes we don’t feel like doing certain things and we say we are feeling lazy; we are not motivated. If you have big project on hand and you have to get a lot of work done for your practice, but you are just not feeling like doing this sort of thing; and you try your best to focus, but you just can’t get it done. I think pushing through it is not the right way to tackle this problem. I think all of us go through waves of motivation. We go through waves of focus.

The way I am dealing with this is, when you are not in that high tide, and you are feeling very low tide, then just work on something else which requires a lot of energy. So If I have this big assignment on hand, and I am trying to sit in front of my laptop for the past hour but I am not getting anything done, I’m like ‘ok this is definitely not working’. I put that aside and, I go do something else, watch movie, watch TV, go the gym; something which requires a little less focus, and I can just relax. I know that whatever I do in life, whatever I am doing, this is something I am passionate about, and I know eventually, I will hit that high tide again. Then once I get my energy level back up, I start focusing towards my marketing work and same thing goes with practitioners as well. When you feel that there is something you cannot do, stop trying to push through it. If you want to grow your business, but you feel that there a lot of things going on, and you cannot focus on that for the time being, don’t address it like that, but understand that growing your business is very important to you; and that eventually you will go back up again on that wave; and once you do, that is time to do as much work as you can get done possible. Sometimes when I am on my high tide, I work up to fourteen (14) hours per day, because I love what I do; so it is fantastic when you are up there.

Another way of treating the low tide or high tide is, understanding what you are going through, and asking, why? So the way to go about that would be, treating your current situation like the scientist, and what you would do, is ask yourself, ‘Why do I not feel like working? What did I have for lunch? Oh, I had Chinese’.

Note that down.

What is making you feel that certain way; and once you start treating what makes you happier, what makes you energetic, what takes your energy away; once you know some of the variables that impact your behavior you can start addressing those.

Sometimes what happens with a lots of us, including me, I feel overwhelmed because all of these different things that are going on with my projects. I question my behavior, I ask myself why do I feel certain way because there are a lot of things going on, ‘am I not comfortable about something, Oh is t that I am not organized, because I am not on top’? That’s interesting, so then I’ll try to organize my work. I will address things which I’m not very comfortable about, and I subconsciously ignore, and that is something that you can take into your own business as well.

Maybe there is something; certain things you are avoiding now, like marketing. Address why exactly you are avoiding it because marketing is the most ideal way to connect patients to your business. You always need to be doing marketing in order to grow business. So understand or question yourself, why are you doing it? Is it that you are not comfortable with the steps that are needed to be taken, and then once you know the answers to some of these variables that you have thought about; you will feel a lot more comfortable with what it is you want to achieve. So I hope that helped.

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