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Grow Dental Practice Business Without Spending any Money – Follow Up!

Today, I have got something very interesting to tell you; the importance of following up. Let me tell you why it is incredibly important to keep your patients engaged for a longer time, even if they are just on your mailing list.

Out of all the people on your mailing list and people that have called you a couple of months ago, 50% of them will eventually end up using a dentist service, could be you or someone else. But, out of the 50%, only 10% of them will buy right now. These are the people that you are servicing, these are the people that call you, ready to do business with you right now. What happens to the remaining 40%. The remaining 40% does not make a decision right now. They make a decision couple of weeks down the road and potentially year-end, couple months down the road. These are the clients that called you once and you never called them back. These are the clients whose information you noted down but they never made it through your door. Their contact information is all over the place right now for you. What I need you to do is get these numbers, get all these information and start calling these people back. You know why? Because only, like I said before, only 10% of the total people that contacted you are buying right now. The remaining 40%, which is 80% of the affordable buyers, buy eventually. They buy after a couple of weeks or a couple of months. Your business can grow dramatically if you just follow up. That’s how powerful following up can be for your business. Don’t focus on just the 20%; also look at the 80% that will come later on. All right?

So start a relationship with your prospects. So this is what I want you guys to look at. Out of all the prospects that you have, 50% end up buying eventually. Out of these 50%, 20% will buy right now; the remaining 80% will buy later. The problem is everyone focuses on these people right now, but never follow up. These people that make their decisions later are often ignored. So which piece of the pie would you rather focus on, the 20% or the 80%? Follow up guys; get the bigger piece of pie.

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