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For Dentists: Local Search Exposed

What is Local Search? Local Search is the area; the segment of your search which has a map on it, on the left side and has the letters abcdef, usually along with a listing. So it shows up as you can see the box right here. I drew this box very quickly. Your advertised box shows up here in the black border. Your local search usually shows up over here right below that, and it’s a big segment, and this is a very prime real estate that many dentists have not been optimized for, because this is something relatively new at Google, and then below that is your organic result.

Local Search is organic, so if someone click on it, it’s not going to cost you a dime, but it shows up above the seo. Yes local seo results show above the regular seo results – so very important to optimize for local search; and more than 90% have not been optimized with that.

So what are some of the most important factors. A lot of experts in this area came out with studies which concluded that the most important factors are:

  • your physical address in the city of search,
  • your owner verified pages as well.
    You probably do not have any owner verified pages. That is the second most important factor.
  • the third important factor is proper category associations, so whether you have citations. Many of you have guys have not been optimized for that as well this
  • fourth most important is the log in of traditional structured citation and after is
  • credible address matching place page address, which is basically your website.

These are the five most important factors.

What is our process? Our process is

  • first of all we verify your business information is the same across all our channels on it is the same on website it is same on Google places, it’s the same yellow page addresses, it’s the same on any local listing. We make sure your phone number, your address your street, doctor information, is the same across all channels.Many of you don’t have that done as well; because your phone numbers have changed over the years, there is Google places accounts out there for your businesses which have not been owner verified, it’s just been put in by someone else.
  • The second step after verifying this information is, we create location page on your website. We put in a map with your exact location, and then we link that with Google Places, Bing and other search engines. The maps, the addresses is exactly the same, and we claim an optimized Google page and other listing addresses as well such as Bing yelp four Square.Once you claim them and verify these pages as the owner, then you have a lot more power, a lot more authority in this region.
  • We help you get more reviews; more positive on Yelp as well as Google Place, and that definitely helps you get to the top much more easily, gives you a lot of business.

If there are thousands of people searching for your dental business in your area, there will be a lot more finding you over here, and in this area they will also see that there has been so many positive reviews already for you on Yelp, on Google Places and all these review websites, that they will be much more compelled and much more happy to have dental services done with you rather than someone else.

I know this is lot to take, get in touch with us if you have any questions. We can ask each other some questions and we can figure out what type of goals you have so if that sound interesting to you or if you have any question feel free to email us below.

Take care.

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