Digital Marketing Ideas

Facebook Marketing Ideas For Dentists

Hey Practitioners, a lot of you don’t have any idea how powerful Facebook marketing is now for your business.  A Facebook is a platform where people are spending up to 2-3 hours per day and at least couple of hours per week.  The range of people using Facebook starts from young – 12 year-olds to sixty year-olds.


With Facebook marketing you can actually selectively target a certain demographic, so if you want to target 40 years old that have certain type of toothache, have dental implants, you can start targeting these people specifically; so Facebook targeting is any marketer’s dream.  You can target people based upon your area, you can target people that are up 100km away from; 20km away from you, based upon their geographic area; after that you can them target based upon gender; male or female, after that you can target them based upon their interest. If you want to target people who eat a lot of chocolate, and have like pages on chocolate, chocolate does cause cavities and stuff.  You can specifically start targeting those types of people; and you can decide what time of the day you want to target these people as well.  A lot of the time people spend more time browsing stuff later into the night, so you can target people later in the night when they are more likely to download you stuff; click on your content.  Tremendously powerful for dentist if you would like to push a study you did, or if you would like to educate people in your area on what are some of the 5 main reasons you need to get your dental cleaning done every 4 or 5 months, and you can start doing so with Facebook marketing.  It is tremendously powerful. It yields incredible results once you push your white paper to these people, they will see you as authority when they are ready to make the purchase and go to a dentist. They will locate you.



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