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Direct Mail Dental Marketing Formula

Today I am going to talk to you about another form of marketing, which is just as effective. It’s called Direct Mail Marketing. Yes! So direct mail is not dead. A lot of people think that way but the truth is, when used effectively you can get up to 300/400% on your direct mail marketing efforts.

The reason why a lot of people are not receiving returns on mail marketing is because they are not doing it correctly. So I will tell you the best way to do it, the way that you actually get results from direct mail. We call this the pre-mail sequence. What you have to do is you send out three letters to the potential dental patients in your area. You select your base. It’s going to have, let’s say, approximately 1,000 houses, then what you do, you send out your Letter 1 to everyone in this base. After sending letter 1 introducing yourself as the local dentist and, think about this, in this letter you are not just advertising them but you are introducing yourself as the dentist in that area. They have already potentially seen some of your commercials, seen some of your advertisements on Facebook and it is amazing for a lot of people to see your picture and a physical letter from you in the mail. It just makes everything very real for them. Think about this guys; companies like Google and Amazon are utilizing this very strategy as well. They advertise online and afterwards they advertise through direct mail. It just gives the person a very real sense of who you are and you do also exist physically. So after sending out Letter 1 introducing yourself in the letter, I also suggest that the tonality of this letter should be introducing yourself as if you are starting a new relationship, not looking at them as just a prospective patient but also a friend as well. You are starting a new relationship. They may not need your services right now but when they do, you will be the first person that they think of.

The way the sequence works is Letter 1 goes out to everybody in the selective area, then 10-20 days later everybody who has not responded gets Letter #2, then 20 days after that you send out Letter 3 to everybody who has not responded to Letters 1 and 2. In 60 days these people have heard from you three times. The second and third points of contacts have referred to the first and second points of contact that you made as well. You make them realize that they have not responded to you. By the time you send out the third letter, the neighbor’s are going to have a conversation with each other, the wives are going to be asking each other about who this dentist is. They are going to be talking about you. So you will have a major impact on the residents of this area.

We have already tested this method, it works very well. Other companies use this as well. If you think about it, the collection agencies also use the very same method. It simply works and that’s why we suggest if for our clients as well. It’s a proven strategy and we wish you the best with this. If you want exact letters that some of our patients have sent out, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to share these exact scripts that get you 300-400% return on your direct mail investment.

Thank you.

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