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Dental Mail and Post Card Marketing

Someone asked me after I made my previous video and when I talked about the three mailer sequence is, whether they can do less mail than that, whether they can send one or two instead of sending three mails.

My answer is, absolutely not, reason being we live in a very busy society and everyone gets distracted easily. Even if you write a very compelling letter which your first letter should be. We end up getting distracted and then our attention gets pulled away very easily from the letter.

The reason we send a second and third letter is so that they receive a reminder, and we refer to the previous email and that makes them have feeling of guilt, they feel, oh look he wrote a letter to me; this doctor wrote a letter to me and I did not respond, and he is referring to the previous letter as well, I feel bad I feel a little more compelled to respond, and that is how you end up getting a higher percentage of responses.

Now let me tell you about another very convincing strategy to get people to respond through direct mail, and maybe you can even apply this online as well. This is something we have yet to test; but what we can do is, once you run your practice, once in a while you will get some champion of your community to visit your dentist. So what do I mean by that? Someone who is well recognized in your community; someone like a real estate agent, lawyer who is well recognized in the community, some community supervisor, or maybe even the mayor of your community, visit your dental clinic and you render a very good high quality service for everyone that visit your clinic, you make this person also very happy with the service and once your do that you ask them very politely, you request whether you can send out a mail on their behalf, whether they would be ok with that if you send out a mail to the local community from his behalf, and of course, you draft the mail yourself and then they approve it. Once they approve it, you send it out to the thousand households in your dental area, and the amazing thing about doing that for both part if he or she gets recognition for being a champion in the community as well, which is why they will be okay with that, and you also can provide them with free a dental cleaning, or some sort of service as well.

The results we are getting with this strategy, when some calls a champion introduces you and says, ‘hey guys I usually don’t do this, but this dentist is so good, I’m recommending you guys check him out’. I have some of the exact script as well that some of the clients have sent out we can happily share that with you too. Just feel free to email us. The results we get with this strategy are amazing. If you are doing this right, the thousand mails you are sending out) you should receive at least fifty (50) responses, and as a dentist your average lifetime customer value is from five hundred dollars ($500) to a thousand dollars ($1000) for the very first year. That translates to approximately fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) worth of revenue from this exact strategy- the exact tactic.

How do you send out this mail? You form an email sequence:

  • the first mail is going to be of this champion sending out the mail introducing your
  • second mail is going to be sent by you referring to the previous mail, and
  • the third will also be sent out to people who have not responded yet referring to both first and second mail;

With this strategy guys, can yield very good results for you. You do it once or twice a year, and you do it with different champions, potentially in different areas, this over several years, this strategy alone can yield you hundreds and thousands of dollars for your practice; so definitely try that out. Take this very seriously. If you need the exact script, if you need help with that, you send an email and we will get in touch with you. Take care.

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