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Cosmetic Dental Marketing: Patient Day

One of the dentists asked me, “Abdul, during the fall season my business is really slow, what can I do to increase my patient inflow during that time of the year, because some of the marketing techniques may not work during that time of the year”.

So, one very powerful way of bringing patients in during that time of the year and increasing their new patient inflow is by holding a Patient Appreciation Day. So what does that mean? What you do during that time of the year, you schedule a Patient Appreciation Day which allows your patients to come in and do a treatment, maybe a cleaning or something very low cost, for no charge, as long as they bring a family or a friend. The family and friend will receive free consultation. You can come in this Wednesday or Tuesday, anytime during the day. We are open from 8am to 8pm doing the service for you for absolutely free. You will receive this exam, you will get a consultation and you will also get free cleaning if you are patient. If you are not a patient and you have a friend that you are coming along with, since you are coming with one of our patients we will give you a free consultation. There will be food provided, there will be some juice provided as well as some snacks provided. That would be a great way of getting to know your local area patients better, your patients get to know you and that would definitely help generate a lot of patients as long as you also schedule appointments after the initial consultations. Yes, this is a very low-cost, tested method. It works very well. You can advertise this Patient Appreciation Day through direct mail, through newspapers and it is going to bring tremendous results for you

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