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Family vs Business Values

Hey Practitioners,

Today we are going to talk about the two main types of values that you as a business owner have to deal with.  Over here you have your family values, which is, one of the most important values in your life; one of the main values in the field of family values, is treating each other with a lot of care, and having unconditional love; loving your child unconditionally.  On the business end, one of the main values you have is, treatment is based upon merit.  Business is not a democracy, it is not a family.  It is a group put together to deliver value for you so it’s based upon merit.

So what happened when you try to mix the two up, is you start; let’s say; treating your child based upon merit and you tell him, “hey son, I’m going to love you more if your get straight ‘A’s”, or if you win the this basketball, or hockey game, or baseball game.  I am going to love you even more and well..that is how you get screwed up kids !

The same thing happens when you try to mix in family values into our business.  If the business, if your staff is just an extension of your family, and you start treating them, loving them unconditionally, and you just like them enough to work with them you stop measuring their performance; they stop producing the results that they were hired to create in the first place, and I see this with a lot of practices, they have some assistant staff that have been with them for a decade and they are just not producing anymore, even some marketers that are just not producing for their practitioners anymore.

So really measure the performance of your staff.  They were hired in the first place to produce results, to produce value for you, every single day. So if that is not being met consistently; if they are not producing results, that standard is not being met consistently, you have to really reconsider what they are doing in your office.

They can be part of your family if you want, but if you are putting them in your business, then they are there to deliver value, so consider this when you go to work the next time and really see that they are producing value every single day.  It is always good to be friendly with your staff, but they are supposed to take you further ahead every single day.  Your marketer is supposed to grow your business and take steps to grow your business every single day.  If he is not doing that then he is not doing his job, and you are paying him for no reason, really.

So give us a shout if you are not happy with your marketer. We would love to work with you… Take care.

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