Avoid these Major Dental Website Mistakes

Hey Dentists! Abdul Farooqi here, today I’m going to talk about the biggest mistakes you might be making with your Dental Website. This is costing you a lot of money right now, and I feel your pain.

Number one point is having a poor design. Your website was built five years ago, ten years ago, it’s archaic now, there’s so many cool formats available now and if you keep up to date, if your website looks modern, it also gives your website visitors / prospective patients, the impression that you have a modern practice. If you have a very rudimentary website it gives them the impression that your services are outdated as well. So make sure you have a modern design.


Second thing is make sure you have a call to action on your website. What does that mean? Make sure you have a direction for your visitors to go, have your phone number there, have a form for them to fill out, show them which way to go, lead them. Because a lot of times you go on the website, there’s a lot of text, there’s a lot of information but you just don’t know what you’re being asked to do. People are on the internet for two reasons – to get their problem solved or to be entertained. And you’re definitely not entertaining them, you’re trying to solve their Dental Problem, so show them what steps to take to solve their problem.


Third thing you can do is have a picture of your Dental Clinic or a video of your Dental Clinic and introduce yourself and familiarize yourself to the visitor. So just by visiting their website and just by visiting your website, they feel a lot more connected. Another mistake people make is not having social links on their website – have a Like button, have a Google Plus button, so when people visit your website they see that other people like you. Another huge mistake is that your website just loads too slowly. If any of your pages take more than two seconds to load people are going to leave, so make sure your website is quick. Don’t have a dirty website, have clear paths for the visitor to go to. Don’t have too much content or if you do require to have to text, make sure it’s well segmented so it’s easy for someone to go through.

Another key point is have good search engine optimization plugins installed on your website. And lastly measure where your customers are coming from, which pages they’re looking at. You can very easily get Google Analytics or another analytical software installed on your website, and you can see all these things. How many people are coming onto your website, how many people are leaving right away.

If you see a lot of people leaving right away, there must be a problem that you need to address. See which pages they are visiting if you see that they are visiting a team page, that’s something that you need to make even better so you give a better impression. But make sure you measure and ask your marketer to measure what people on the website are doing so you can give them a better experience and improve over time.

So hopefully that helped you out and I hope you don’t make any of these silly website design and website optimisation mistakes. Again if you need any more helpful, we would be happy to help, just click on the link below and make sure to like our video. Bye.