After $300k, Dentist Finally Reveals How – Internet Marketing Case Study

Adam, the General Manager of CrisDental found us online and first approached us in 2013. Their problem was obvious. Adam and his brother ran over 6 dental clinics all throughout the western Oregon region. They received dozens of new patients every month. Primarily through advertising on local transit systems, billboards, radios, but they were nowhere to be found in the one place where people hungrily searched for them: Google

Adam, being an office manager understood that each new patient, on average, is worth $2,500 in the long term and $700 in the short term (first year). However, people that were looking for his services online were a little more special. These “online” patients were pre-motivated as they were already actively searching for a dentist within their city. They were ready to walk into a dental office. Set to accept the proposed treatment.

Typically, these Googlers were looking online for 2 reasons. Either, they were in a lot of pain, and needed a dentist immediately for an emergency situation or have been researching dentists for a more complicated, cosmetic procedure. Some of these patients had the potential to bring in over $10,000 in revenue.

According to Google’s data, each month there were ~3000 dentist-hungry searchers in his region. In simpler terms, approximately, three thousand people were looking for a dentist in eastern Oregon on Google, each month.

He told us he wanted to get a part of the action.

We got on it.


Phase I: End the Nigerian Nightmare

Before working with us, he had hired another company to bring patients through the internet. They not only failed to deliver the results, but made our job more challenging with a lot of unfriendly “online techniques” that Google and other search engines now sternly look down upon. According to Adam, he had paid this company ~$22,000 over a period of two years.

Why did he stay that long with them?

They did bring in patients back when Mr.Google was unsophisticated and didn’t penalize cheap, spammy, Nigerian links on the website. In the old days, when all it took to get ranked on google was to link your site with hundreds of not-so-relevant sites.

Removing 400+ of these bad links became our No.1 challenge for the first few months.

Along with this challenge, we optimized the site by putting up healthy, unique, relevant content on the website. We made his site quicker, easy to browse, and optimized it for human and search engine use. We improved his site’s authority in the eyes of the search engines by optimizing Google+, Yelp and other media profiles.

We got him a 5 star rating!

When people are selecting local service providers, including dentists, they care about the quality of service that will be provided by the person operating on their teeth. They wouldn’t just go and get their teeth done from anyone.

So we implemented a system designed to bring Adam’s clinic, genuine and positive reviews. When we started out, he had three reviews and a rating of 4, now he has a lot more testimonials from real people and almost a 5 star rating! Adam observed that people that see his website and read these positive reviews were already pre-sold and ready to accept treatment.

Phase II: Pulling them by the teeth
First, we created an irresistible offer on Adam’s site, and re-worked the landing page so people felt incentivized to call immediately. By the 4th month, the amount of traffic to Adam’s dental website was beginning to show an upward trend. Now, we began to see the magic:
By month four, we increased Adam’s site traffic from 220/month in April 2013 to 674/month in July 2013.


 Website Traffic Grew by An Astonishing 3 TIMES!

This was fantastic for Adam, as it meant, over 600 people were visiting his site every month now (July 2013). However, we decided to look deeper and track how many of these people are actually calling him from the website. That way, we would gain a greater clarity on the business generated.

Those numbers were even more jaw-dropping. We observed that because of our enticing landing page which contained an irresistible offer, we substantially increased the ratio of website visitors that would actually engage with the dental staff by calling them or filling out a query form.

Number of Phone Calls Increased by 4 TIMES!

Phase III: Scale SEO efforts

That was within four months. So what happened after one year?

In April 2014, we brought Adam over 1,150 site visitors, from 220 visitors/month just an year earlier.

In terms of inquiries/phone calls, his internet marketing accounted for 104 calls in April 2014, compared with 11 in 2013.

 We generated 10X more calls from prospective patients each month!

How was this accomplished and what did these increases in website traffic & inquiries mean for the business owner?

We were able to substantially increase the amount of business Adam generated from the internet by get his site listed organically on Google for some very relevant, competitive terms, such as:

“Eugene Dentist”

“Cosmetic Dentist Eugene”

“Eugene emergency dentist” etc.

Cosmetic procedures range from $4,000 to $30,000, and we got him on the first page for it.

Adam had told us that getting listed for emergency dentist was a big deal, so we got him on the first page (more than once) for that too!

If Adam were to pay for the Adwords (Google’s Pay Per Click option), each click would cost him an average of $7/click.  Adam’s monthly bill to generate the same amount of engagement would have been somewhere around $7,000 – $10,000.

Keep in mind though, other Dentists are choosing to pay $7/click because, they are finding it worthwhile for the growth of their practice.

Now, let’s get into Adam’s bottom line.

Adam’s staff is able to convert approximately 0.05% of the traffic that comes to this website and 30-60% of the people that call his clinic. Therefore, he has been getting anywhere from 30 –70 new patients every month. As his average patient value is $2,500 in the long term, and he is generating a minimum of 30 new patients, he is getting a mouth-watering $75,000 worth of patients each month.

However, let’s be pessimistic and take the short term average patient lifetime figure of $750 (keep in mind Adam’s clinic regularly does $10,000 worth of dental procedures), and he gets an average of 40 new patients, he is still..

Generating $30,000 worth of new patients each month!

This is the reason other dentists were willing to pay more than $7/click and $5,000 to $10,000 per month to Google. Adam, pays a lot less, even saves thousands on other advertising costs, click here to see what Adam said.