3 Low Cost Dental Marketing Ideas

Hey Practitioners!

Today I’m going to talk about low cost marketing strategies than can swing big doors for you, so that hundreds of patients can come your way. Alright, so the first thing is:

1. ‘Leverage of Word of Mouth Marketing’.

You know, back in the day, people only had the ability to tell their friends about you, which would consist of maybe five or ten people max. Now everybody has enormous leverage, they have social networks of hundreds of Facebook friends, hundreds of twitter followers, and if they have a blog, who knows, some of your patients may have even thousands of followers. So make sure you leverage that.

So one of the best ways to do that is whenever you render an excellent service to a patient I’d just ask them, ‘hey, can you please spread the word? Can you please expand on your experiences?’ They can just put a Facebook status, ‘Hey, had a great time at Dr Bob’s Dental Clinic – make sure you check him out if you decide to go to a Dentist’. Just simple two line Facebook statuses like that, or a Tweet like that can yield you enormous results. As an incentive you can give your patients a $15 Starbucks or a $20 Starbucks card – whatever they would like. So make sure you try that out – it can have a huge impact. Think about it; if you had twenty patients post to their 500 Facebook friends that’s a lot of people in your community that you’ve just reached, up to 10,000 people.

The second thing you can do to leverage word of mouth marketing – check out all of the Review websites where patients are talking about Dentists or Practitioners. Make a list of all these Review websites, ask your patients who are tremendously happy with your service, just ask them to do a review – tell them you would really appreciate it and give them a $20 gift certificate or $10 gift certificate. The fact of the matter is that 80% of North Americans really trust online reviews and if you’re getting reviewed dozens of times, a new patient would be much more confident to walk into your clinic.

2. Leverage Email Marketing

The number three¬†thing that you can do which does not cost very much money at all is leverage email marketing. Doctors I’ve seen hundreds of you spend thousands of dollars on fancy Dental softwares but you’re not leveraging the power of email marketing. So make sure you collect all your patients emails, follow up with them, provide them with sharable content, not boring old newsletters but also newsletters as well as emails which are funny, engaging and informative. Make sure you do that.

3. Optimize Web Presence

The third form of very low cost marketing that you can do is just optimizing your website, look at your website and see if it’s up to date. If it is mobile responsive, if it has a strong call to action, if it has a form to fill out, a phone number that a patient could see, if it has testimonials and a modern, cool design. So just optimize your website, it’s already up there – if not you have to build a website because there are so many reasons to build a website.

Even if you’re the most credible dentist, someone sees that you don’t have a website, takes quite a bit of credibility away. So work on these three very low cost marketing methods; I think you’ve got some great ideas out of this, some ideas for the word of mouth marketing, some ideas for email marketing and optimizing your website.

Make sure if you have more questions, if you’re serious about growing your practice, give us a call or check out our website below. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.