100 Patients in 100 Day Challenge – Part 3

Next Strategy, we need to get an organic strategy so that long term we would be only getting a hundred patients a day because that’s not what I’m looking for. I’m looking for consistent stream of ten, twenty, thirty patients a day; that’s how we do it with the organic plan.  Find out the buyer keywords you want to focus on, and then figure out what’s the traffic strategy; how many weeks we need for each of those keywords, each and every day and start building out find out that strategy.  And again for the good keyword, the keywords that you want, it’s going to take you, may be a month, maybe two months, three, five months, it’s going to take some time but if you’re consistent with it, I promise you it will pay off million times over, so that the organic strategy.

And then the third strategy; this is one that is growing so much for now, is your social media strategy. I look at social media a little differently than most people do. You know sites like Facebook, Twitter, Four Square and well this is for me this is again rewind back a hundred, a hundred and fifty years ago when you go down to Joe’s shop or his restaurant, because it was the best restaurant, and after you ate there, you talk to your friend, hey Joe’s restaurant was great, was awesome as word of mouth. What’s happening is social media is replacing word-of-mouth marketing. So we use space, we use Twitter, we use sites like this for our businesses, not so much to generate traffic initially, but we use this as a referral engine. For using scenes or communicating with our audience through Facebook, through twitter, guess what? They are communicating with the attractive character; they are bonding with this, letting you know who we are. We do discounts, we do things like, that on the sites.  They are going to tell their friends; they are going to tell their family members. The reason why it’s so important to have social media strategy is because begin hundred years ago if someone came into restaurant and they gave you bad food they may go and may complain to their friend, and they maybe say it to the PTA and the next thing five or six people at the PTA meeting may hear that you gave them bad food, it kind of ends at that point. Nowadays it’s different. Nowadays people are on face book, they are on twitter, they are on foursquare, they are on these sites, so if they eat bad food at your restaurant, they’re going to tweet about it; they are going to Facebook about it; and suddenly eight hundred people know that they had bad food at your restaurant. So that’s why it’s so important to be in that conversation. If you miss that conversation happening behind your back, you’re really missing out on the future.  If you are in that conversation, you are sharing and you are talking, and you are using your attractive character to communicate through these different channels to your Facebook fan page, to you twitter, to four square; and you are using these things; that’s how you are going to build raving fans who come back because they love you, and they care about you, and they want to be part of your business. Again those are your three core traffic generation strategies I want you guys focusing on. Again there are a lot more, but these are ones that can focus on, that get you most bang for your buck.

Again number one; other people’s lists, number two setting up an organic free search campaign to get rank for the buyer keywords you actually want; and number three is a social media campaign and get social media to go at this is to start generating referrals, getting word of mouth, getting people bonded back to you.  So these are the traffic strategies you should be focusing on in your business. Social media is where they communicate with the attractive character. Now really quick, I want to step back; because I know I’m covering a lot of stuff and I want you to understand that in my business I’m not doing all this kind of stuff. The role of the entrepreneur was not so much to be doing all these different things. All of you guys got business for different reasons.  I’m sure that most of you did not get into business because you wanted to be an internet marketer. The role of the entrepreneur, in my mind, is again not to be doing these things; but the roll of the entrepreneur is three-fold.  The first thing is the entrepreneur, you and I; we need to get the specialized knowledge.  You have been here on this video for how long you’ve been so far, and now you guys got that  specialized knowledge. You probably know more about internet marketing now more than ninety nine percent of businesses out there. You have specialized knowledge. The second step is you need to create a system so that this actually happens. We can know how things are but if we don’t have a system in place, nothing will ever happen.  It’s kind of more of a great idea but nothing ever happens. So we need to create a very good system.  And then number three; now that you have that system, you need to take that system and apply it. So it’s actually going to happen. What I found [and sure to saving your business for my business] if I’m the guy in there is doing all the stuff, things will fall down. Most entrepreneurs were so focused on their business, and on the service – that the thing we provide people; that if we are focused on all these other stuff, It’s going to fall by the wayside; and it’s not going to happen. So you need to get your team to take action on the system that you created.

So let me talk about how to create the system. It’s very simple.

  • Step 1 is you create your irresistible offer.  You hear we talk a lot about that today.
  • Step 2, you need to create your value adder. So if someone comes in you’ve got some other ways to monetize those people.
  • Step 3 is you need to create a lead generation website where the goal is to give away that irresistible offer. That’s the top of the funnel; that ‘s just bringing all these people into your business; and then you get these people to star giving you more and more money; and that just sends up your value-adder. You can free the first three steps here
  • Step 4 is building a follow up system so that after they request that offer, you can follow up those people, and you can close them; and you can sell them again, and again, and again.
  • Step 5: Now that all that’s been built, now we start driving traffic into that irresistible offer. You can read the remaining here

That’s literally the system we talked about today and it’s not that difficult when we break it down; and those are the five steps we need to do. Ok now; how many of you guys feel a bit like this right now?  Get us one of my favorite pictures; you kind of feel overwhelmed.  I’m guessing some of you guys probably feel like that right now and that’s ok. I know that’s how most of us are when we go through any kind of training like this but that’s ok. The good news is that we can help; and that we can help you guys make this process a lot easier.

We want you to take the ‘how the how to get a hundred patients and hundred day challenge’. Again this is the challenge we’ve been giving out to business owners all around the world. We’ve been giving this challenge, because they have this challenge, they understand it, and they take it, and they start seeing the results fast and then they become believers. So I don’t want you to take my word for it, I want you to take the challenge and say look Abdul, I’m going to follow you, I’m going to try get a hundred patients in a hundred days by followings this.

Now one of two things is going to happen: You are going to take the challenge, and you are going to run with it by the horns. Actually there is three things that’s going to happen one you take the challenge run the by horns, you blow the thing up and you get a thousand of new patients in a hundred days, changes your business, changes your life forever.  It will happen to be excited. Some of you that take this challenge, you are not going to be as quite as serious about it or your industry might be a little bit different you start running with it, and you go through the next hundred days and you end up getting forty patients, or sixty patients, or twenty patients; but hey, you increase your bottom line here; you are dramatically happy; it has change your business and your life forever. And third, persons are going to say, it sounds great Abdul, but it’s too much work and might never going do it and you kind of give up. And I’m hoping you are going to be the first one of the first two people and not third type person ’cause i want you to take this challenge with me.

I am one who strongly believes in practicing what I teach; therefore, I am going to give you an irresistible offer.  Everyone who enters their name and contact information below this video presentation is going to get a free How to Get One Hundred Patients in One Hundred Days strategy session. What we are essentially providing for you is a marketing business plan that you can follow to get one hundred patients in one hundred days.  We will look at your business, look at what you are doing right now, and explain to you step by step what you need to get one hundred patients in one hundred days.

Using the information we get from the analysis we will create a custom lead generation blueprint for your business.  We will also create a custom one hundred patients in one hundred days profit plan.  The blueprint and profit plan are the road map that you are going to follow over the next one hundred days.  When we implement the blueprint and profit plan we use a dual strategy.  We use a short term strategy and a long term strategy.  The short term strategy is designed to get you a lot of new patients in a short period of time.  Whereas the long term strategy if used and applied consistently over a sustained period of time is designed to yield long term measurable results in terms of an increase in traffic, an increase in converting the traffic to paid patients, and an increase in the number of referrals to your business.  We will go over the long term and short term strategy in some more detail in your personalized strategy session.

Well, that’s not all. If you decide that we are a good fit and you would like to work with us and let us help you get a hundred patients in one hundred days, you will get exclusive access to our SEO traffic generation and social media teams.  These are the very teams I use in my business strategy every day to drive massive traffic to my websites.

Now let me back up for just a second and say this.  We would like to work with every business, but the reality is that this system which I have outlined for you on this presentation is so powerful, that if applied properly and consistently, it will help a business dominate its competition in their local market.  Therefore, there can only be one.  Let me say that again. There can only be one.  We work with hundreds of industries, but we can only work with one client per industry, per city.  For example, we can only work with one dentist in Austin, Texas.

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