100 Patients in 100 Day Challenge – Part 2

Secret Number Four:

This is what we like to call your lead generation website

But I have a funny story about this, a couple months ago, I was talking to my friend, the dentist and I kind of keep a secret my personal circles about what I do. Right every one asking me to work for them and do you think that, but I said no, so he said basically, hey Abdul what do you do for a living? I know you do some internet thing, but what exactly do you do? Well we help businesses get their businesses online and generate leads and help them get patients online. He said, well I’m a dentist, I’d love to do that. What do I need to do? I said let me look at your website.  So I pull up this website and you could tell you made a lot of money for probably five to ten thousand dollars tonight’s designed for the site was beautiful.  It looked like a brochure; had everything you could possibly dream about in a brochure website everything that I’m sure most designers would sell someone on, and it looked great. I say, okay how many leads are you getting from the website? He said, well none. I said, so how many patients are you getting?


How much money is your website making? He said, ‘well nothing at all’.  I said, “okay, your website here is beautiful, but I am like you know if I could just help you in your business, I’m going to design a site for you”. It’s not going to look as beautiful as this, but it’s going to generate patients and make you a lot of money, and so what’s more important a pretty website or a site that makes you money?  And uh… it was kind of funny because he actually, surprisingly to me, and I thought, that was a loaded question, it happens have the right way; he actually have asked.  I mean it is far more important to have a pretty looking website and I kind of laughed and said you used to do that, and after we joked, I went back and said look you can keep your beautiful websites that you spend all your money with, you showed the clients it is very important, but if you want to grow your business online, If you would get a hundred patients  in the next hundred days, you need a website that is focused on a trade for lead generation.  It does not have to be on your core website.  You can have you know, Abdul Dental Clinic, whatever, your main website. In your beautiful website, you need to create a lead generation website, that focuses on driving traffic and generating lead. If you look right here this is what a typical regeneration website looks like. The top one-third of this website is what? Can you tell? It’s your irresistible offer. My goal is to get people this website and to see the irresistible offer. Everything that’s happening below the irresistible offer those are all different tactics and techniques we use to get traffic to the website.   I’m not going to cover those right now. I’ll do those in a minute. But the goal of the top one third of the website is my irresistible offer. I want people come to my website to any page just to see that. So when they see that, they begin to enter their name, maybe their phone number and they click on the discount button; boom and now I generate that person as a lead for myself.

Secret number four is that you need to have a lead generation website just like this. Again we will show you how we can help to actually create one if you don’t have right now; but the goal is to have a site that’s actually generating leads and make you money. I’m not in the business of making beautiful brochure website, I promise you there are companies out there that can make you beautiful websites; ten times better than I could ever even dream of. I’m in the business making beautiful websites that generate them patients, leads and make them money, so that’s what a lead generation websites is.  You see no difference between the two.

Okay, secret number five here is, you need to create a follow-ups system; so let me come back here to secret number four, you see here is it the website.  Notice somebody had given me their name and their e-mail address and may be their phone number and exchange for my irresistible offer, from a coupon where my irresistible offer is, after I captured their information; now i need to follow up those people. Now let me tell you a really quick story, it kind of explains the power behind this. I first kind of saw this four, five years ago when my friends was explaining this working resume with the local pizza company. What happens he actually down in Orlando and he went to order pizza kind of a little mom and pop shop and he showed up and the guy had burnt the pizza and the guy said, I’m so sorry sit down, I’ll make you a new pizza for free. So that guy sat down and he was making the pizza and he said, ‘hey what do you do for a living’? I said, “well, I’m an internet marketer”, and he said, “how would that help a business-like mine? I have an offline business; how would that help me?”

He said, “well, are you marketing online? and he said, no I’m doing online, yellow page, ads, and I’m doing radio, I’m doing coupon, clippers, and there are other things I’m here; but I’m not generating traffic on line. So my friend said, “let me show you a little secret that can quadruple your business with no extra efforts. In the next thirty days, every customer who comes in, ask for their names and email address, and in exchange give them a free topping on their pizza”, and the guy said, “Ok, I’ll test it out”.

So for thirty days, this guy got everyone’s name, and email addresses.  After thirty days, my friend came back, and the guy had a list of over six hundred people who came through and gotten a pizza. So then my friend said, “ok I’m going to take this list and put it into something they call auto responder”. I’ll explain to you in a minute what an auto responder is. Basically it is the software that you upload a list of name and email addresses; and you go and type one email and you go and send it and it will go out to everybody on your list and personalize with their name. It looks like a personal email that has come from you. You know you send out to six hundred or six thousand people at once. My friend took all these name and email addresses, loaded them up in the auto responder; and told this guy “every day at four o’clock, I want you to send me an email  that basically says, “Hey, it’s four o’clock, you are probably about  to head home. If you want, I can help make dinner tonight. Just call this number.

I will make your pizza and it will be ready for you by the time you get off work. And so he starts sending an email every single day at four o’clock. And now what happened?  My friend laughed, he came back about a month later and said, “hey, how is it working for you so far? I’m curious on your results”, and the guy said it has literally changed my business forever.

He said every single day he sent the email out and by four or five o’clock, my phone is literally ringing off the hook with order, after order, after order, and he’s like, I’m making more money in that you know from four o’clock to five o’clock than I do in my entire day combined; and he said that another nice thing is sometime we have a low in the restaurant; and where It will be slow like a Tuesday night or a Wednesday afternoon and no one is coming in for lunch; and I’ll send that email for lunch special and suddenly, boom, our entire restaurant is just packed with people.  If like the greatest thing in the world; and my friend says;  “I’m curious, how many of these patients are coming from the email versus all the other types of advertising you paying for; all the yellow pages; the coupon clippers; all these other things?” and the guys says,  “I have no idea. I don’t even know how to track that”. So he said, “what you need to do is for next thirty days is every single person that calls in off any other form of advertising, haven’t called this special phone number, and anyone calls off these emails haven’t call this number, just track and see where all these patients are coming from.” So the guy did that, and he started monitoring it, and about a month later my friend came back and he asked what are the results, and he said, “right now for every one call I get from yellow pages, coupon clippers; everything I am spending on advertising dollar, for every one call on that; I get four phone calls from the emails I’m sending out. He says, “it literally transform my business forever”.

That is the power of having your own email. It’s the power of having the ability to follow up your patients. If someone comes in and they request your free offer, your irresistible offer, now you can call these people over, and over, and over again. I don’t care what business you’re in; we’ve seen this happening in literally business that people say, this will never work in my business. We’ve seen it happen in literally any business you can think of.  It works great in restaurants, it works great for B2B companies; it works great with anything.  You just have to kind of change what your irresistible offer is. Change the way you follow people; and you can close a ton of sales.

Now this is kind of the cutting edge on where the future is right now is right now. You know email auto responder still works great, but another new one that works great is text message auto responders. The other day I was at my favorite sushi place.  It’s a place called Raw Sushi, and they also have a section called willow creek. So we are at the restaurant and basically when we got set down at the table, there’s this little card thing that say,  text this number and give you a free McGarey something ; or sushi roll for free, if you text this number on your phones. So I text it; of course, I want a free sushi, who doesn’t want free sushi? I text it, and I don’t think too much about it, and in a week later I get this text message, and this is what I hear a guy said, “don’t forget about our sushi class on Saturday, October 30th from noon to three pm”. I thought, oh awesome. So I didn’t go to the sushi class, but it was kind of cool you know. They were able to message me and let me know about a sushi class. Then a few days later I got a text.  It was like one o’clock in the afternoon or so, and a text came in said, hey free sushi or buy and get one free sushi for the next ten patients who come in. Ii was like, ‘oh crap ten patients’. it was right down the road from me. So me and my buddy; we all jumped in the car, we raced down there by the time we get to the sushi place, it is literally completely packed, standing room only; we couldn’t get a seat, and I definitely was not one of the first ten people. I said well, I kind got frustrated; so we went right back and I got some McDonalds or Burger King that day or something; because I don’t got time to sit and wait forever. A week or two later I got another text saying the same kind of thing. We jumped into our car, raced down there, boom the whole place is slammed again. So I pulled the owner aside and said, “Yes, it is great deals, but I can’t take advantage of them because I’m never here on time”, and he kind of chuckled and said, “every time that we have a low in our in our business and nobody is showing up, I send that text message and within fifteen minutes the place is packed, it’s like it change my business forever”.  It’s kind of a theme that’s going on with these things. I thought this is really the future so, you need to be doing this, you need to be collecting the email addresses; you need to be text messaging your existing patients; because you can use these things to drive business in whatever you want. You can literally print your own paychecks, once you control people’s email addresses and their cell phone numbers. It’s just like, imagine if you owned Fox News, and imagine if you owned the local news station in your hometown and you can run ads whenever you wanted, that’s what gives you the power to run ads whenever you want without paying anybody anything. That’s the power of email and text messages follow up systems. That’s secret number five.  It’s follow you existing patients and you get them to come back on demand.


Okay; secret number six. This is this a strategy we call the attractive character, and this is kind of, ‘if you build it, they will come’ type thing. If you share your story and use your personality in your marketing, then they will come. I want to tell you in our business what we’ve really focused on is helping businesses understand that business used to be such like a transactional business. Now it so much more of a relationship business.  The future of the way that business are all shifting, the similar to the way it used to be a hundred years ago. Hundred years ago businesses were all relational. You would go to companies because you are the owner of the company. They fast forward, and then all these highway start to build up, and these big new malls, and people started going wherever is most convenient. The internet came up then people went wherever they could find that. They can go and the cheapest deals, but now with the onslaught of the social media, and all these type of things, the companies that are winning the war right now, are not the companies that have the cheapest product, they are not the companies that have even the best price. The companies that are winning right now are the companies that have attractive characters that are bonding with their patients.

Again a hundred years ago, I’d go down to Joe’s restaurant, because I knew Joe. I don’t care if he charge me more money than the food is worth, I knew Joe, I liked him, I liked the environment, I liked the atmosphere; that’s why I went to Joe’s.  What’s happening in today’s market, as well, if you bring personalities into your market, you are going to see people who will come to you even if you raise your prices; even if you change. No matter what, they’re going to be bound to you, and they keep coming to you.

One great example is if you look at the company Subway; Subway used to be commodity. They were just like every other fast food restaurant out there, there’s nothing special out side of they make sandwiches and somewhere along the line, some great marketer found this guy name Jared and Jared was a big dude. He was like three or four hundred pounds. If you go online, you see the pictures of him. He is a big guy, and he started eating nothing but Subway twice a day; and in like two years he lost all his weight. They say, hey let’s take Jared and let’s use his success story. Let’s use him as the personality behind our company; and what happens they literally transformed their company from a fast-food restaurant to a diet plan, and you see what happened to their profits, and the company, since then, they made billions, and billions, and billions dollars by transforming themselves to a diet plan. They did that by introducing attractive character in their company. They can go even further, having Jared communicating with people through social media and stuff like that. Right now they’d be having him as a forefront of their company.  Now imagine, the story told you about the pizza place, imagine in his marketing, instead of just sending out, hey when you are coming from work today we’re going to give you two for one for a pizza, what if he came and said, ‘ hey my son started kindergarten today, I’m really excited so because of that I’m going to give free toppings to the thirty people that order’. What’s going to happen, he’s going to get a flood of sales because people are relating back to him and his story. I’m starting to see more and more business owners take this and really use it in their marketing. If people know there is a reason behind what you’re doing, and tying it to an event, or tying it to something that is personal to you, people will be bound to you and spend more time listening to you because of the personality you are sharing. So don’t be afraid to share these things in your marketing. The companies that are winning the battle right now, that are winning the war they’re using personalities, they are using their own personal stories in the marking; and it’s getting patients to be attracted to them; and they continue to buy from them, over, and over, and over again. This is one of the secrets , which we get a customer the front door don’t, don’t just be a commodity, don’t just be a business like everybody else. You need to bring out your attractive character. You need to share your story, and when you do that, they are going to follow you forever. That’s what you want to focus on.

Secret number seven is now where we get in the traffic generation. The most people that use internet marketing starts with this. This is the SEO charlatan that calls you on the phone and says, “Hey, we’re getting ranked number one on Google for this key word.” I don’t start with that because if you start with that you’re going to lose. I take one of those people’s beautiful brochure websites that they pay ten thousand dollars and get a designer to design them; I get on page one in Google for Boise dentist, guess what just happened? They are number-one in Boise dentist, they still don’t get any patients, they still don’t get any leads, and they still don’t make any money.  We start with the foundation first. The first six secrets to foundation to what we’re talking about here. After you got a foundation built, now we can start focus on traffic generation; now we can start focusing again on patients because why? You’ve got an irresistible offer. You’ve got the generation website that people can request your irresistible offer. You have a value if someone comes into your business, now you can provide them more value and give them more products and more services. You can make more money for each one of your patients. This is the step where traffic generation comes into the play. Now there are a lot of ways to direct traffic online more than I could count on my all my fingers and my toes and times it by ten. There are so many ways to drive traffic; and I don’t want to inundate you; with here is a thousand ideas to drive traffic. I want to share with you three core strategies that we focus on that you should be focusing on that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Traffic strategy number one, is other people’s lists. We use to have the power in having list in your own business. If your pizza place having list is powerful; but what happens if you don’t have a list yet, and you want to start generating offer? What if you find another company that it’s not a competitor but that compliment you. Let’s say I find the print shop down the street and they got a list of patients, and I’m the pizza place and I got a list of patients. What if I promoted his print shop to my list, he promoted the pizza place to his list and all of a sudden I got new traffic, and new patients coming to my website requesting my irresistible offer. I spent probably ninety; not ninety; maybe eighty five percent of my time out there try to find people who have other lists, people in my target market. If i can find those people, it is very easy to joint venture with them. They promote my offer, I promote theirs, and boom they get a whole surge of new patients, I get a surge of their patients and everybody wins. That’s one of the most powerful, easiest strategies, and most people don’t even do that. The reason why is because it’s difficult if you are just driving someone to a brochure website. But if you got irresistible offer, and the printer can say, you know, one of my friends runs a pizza place, and he’s got an irresistible offer that you will get two pizzas for one; I’d recommend checking it out. Boom; you are going to sell a lot of pizza; or let’s say you are the pizza place, here guys printer into town, he does my business cards, he does a great job, he’s got hundred free cards, business cards offer and I thought you would enjoy it; go check it out right now. You can see the power that how quickly, almost immediately, you can get visitors to a website. When we first do the initial test for patients a hundred in a hundred days, this is our core focus. I spent the first five or six days, just finding people in our local market who have lists. After I have those lists, I went and I created an offer; and I have those people email the offers to that List.  When you follow that strategy first is not difficult to quickly get a hundred, or a thousand or two thousand patients literally overnight.  In fact I didn’t share this earlier, because again, I didn’t feel like you guys would have believe me at the time; but most of those case studies, we generate those patients in twenty four to forty eight hours. Okay for the Mexican restaurant, for the bowling alley. We did that by using the strategy. This is how you get the initial surge of customer.

Now the second two strategies are more of a long term plan. The email strategy is how to get the quick fast surge of patients. The next two are having consistent long-term residual patients, and we do that by first off is by organic free searched. If you go to Google there is the paying search which people paying for ads, which is a great strategy as well, Mark talked about today, the other one is free search; that’s free listing, and the way that free search works is basically Google is like a big popularity contest. The more people that are linking to your website the higher they’re going to rank your site. So for example let’s say your number three right now for Boise dentist and you on the number one, if you’ve got a hundred links pointing to you, the guy in number two spot got one hundred fifty, and the guy number one spot at two hundred fifty; if you can get two hundred fifty one links, you’re going to be ranked number one in Google right now. It’s not a hundred percent lying on that. There are a couple other and things that they go into the equation but ninety percent equations are how many links are coming back to you. So for me, I can come in look at website since has got a thousand links, if I get thousands I’m going to beat this guy and be rank number one on Google. I can know that, so all you have to do for organic search is figure out what are the keywords you actually want to aim for, not the ones again that the SEO charlatans are going to try to sell you. They’re going to try to sell you Boise Idaho Radian dentist with great eyes. No one is searching for that so they’ll rank you for it because they want to charge you fifty bucks or a hundred bucks whatever it is, you’re not going to win that game. Strategically the way did you do is pick the keywords that people are actually searching for, figure out how many links are coming to other sites and start a strategic plan to get more links so you can get rank above those other companies. They were the biggest mistakes I see people who work their companies, they want to be number one Google for, let’s say Boise plumber.  First mistake they made is Boise plumber is probably not the best keyword, you want to focus on buyer keywords. What do I mean by that? A buyer keyword Boise plumber is someone who is doing research. They want to find out who the plumbers are in Boise.

Someone types in emergency Boise Plumber guess who that person is, that’s someone; at two in the morning their toilets just flooded, there’s poop everywhere, they are freaking out and they need a plumber, not in a couple days; they need a plumber right now, that’s called the buyer keyword, that person is buying right now. So we want to focus on what are buyer keywords, what are the correct key words to focus on. So that’s the first thing, and the second  thing to say is don’t’ sit around and say, I’m going to get rated number one, and spend a month and try to get rated number one, and if you are not number one then you give up. Again this is called organic traffic. We need to look at so and so, the person in the number one spot he’s got three thousand links; the person in number two spot has got thousand links, we look at the numbers, then we come back and we set a plan. This is going to be, it going to probably take us three to four months. We’re going to do five hundred links a month for the next five months and now at that point we should be above that person. Okay and you create a strategic plan about giving links back to a website.

That’s how the organic free search works. And so again first core strategy is our fast traffic; find some list owners, do some kind of joint venture; and they promote ours, and we get our quick hundred patients in a hundred days.