100 Patients in 100 Day Challenge – Part 1

So my goal from this, but, also my entire business on a whole, is to help give you the tools and strategies and the techniques you need to help you get your message out to everybody so that there’s no customer out there that you could affect, that doesn’t know about you. You are going to have ability to reach all your best clients.

The next thing is, I want you to make me one promise. Again I’m giving you as much information and stuff for free today. My only request for you is that you promise to pay it forward.  At the end of this video, I am not going to force you to buy anything; I am not going to charge you a dime for this.  This is all free information.

My goal is to give you as much information as possible. Go out there find your hundred patients; change their lives, and if you have done that, we’ve all made the world a better place. Your patients are happier, you happy to be making more money; I’m happier to help fulfill my mission to help really bring as many people their message out to the world as possible. That’s kind of my goal for you guys; just promise me that you will take this information. Don’t just sit on it.  Don’t be like people who listen to stuff and say, ‘oh that’s a good dental marketing idea’, or ‘I’ve heard that before’ and don’t do anything. Take these concepts, apply them to your business, and have success; see results. If you do that, then you would kind of pay it forward and back to me as well. If you’d like my company to help you in any of your dental marketing, we’ll be more than happy to do it .

Now what’s exciting is that we’re getting lots of happy clients; and my question for you is, ‘are you going to be next; next one of our case studies to take on this challenge, and try to get a hundred patients in the next hundred days? I hope you are willing to step up to that challenge, because I want you guys to be one of our next success stories.  It has worked for them and now it is going to work for you when you apply the seven secrets we are going to go through right now. Again, take out your pad of a pad of paper, your pencil.  We’ve got seven secrets we are going to cover; learn the secrets, to literally give you the catapult you need to get a hundred patients next hundred days.


Secret Number One:

I call this your moral obligation.  I learnt this originally from one of my mentors, his name is Jay Abraham.  He said that if you truly believe that what you have is useful and valuable to your clients, you have a moral obligation to try to serve them in every way possible. Notice he didn’t say if you truly believe what you have is useful and valuable you should try to advertise your services and sell some people what you have to offer.

The words used were very, very strong.  He said that you have a moral obligation, but for me, hopefully in the last twenty; fifteen to twenty minutes I have been on this video so far, you’ve seen the passion I have in my business.  I honestly feel like I go to sleep and I think and I have a moral obligation to try to help you to get your message out to as many people as possible. That’s really how much emphasis I put on this.  If you look at the way I market; I market very aggressively; because it’s not just a hobby for me so, I am just like a fuel thing. This is my business; this is my mission in life, and I have a moral obligation to serve you guys in any way possible and once you guys really get that mind set as well with your patients, it’s not just, you know, I have this business; and I am trying to make some money, but I have a moral obligation to serve my patients in every way possible.  When you get to that kind of a mindset, you’re going to see a whole different shift in your business. This first secret is more of a strategy, not so much a tactic, but it’s a mindset you need to have going into this.

If you have this kind of a mindset, there is not going to be anything that can keep you from being in the goal that you want to be able to hit in your business.  So that’s secret number one.


Secret Number Two:

This is a little more tactical. Secret number two is you need to create an irresistible offer. If you look right now at a company that’s kind of been on the fore-front of this, is that I have seen better than anyone else in world, is a company called Groupon. I’m sure you guys have heard of Groupon.

Right now, they are the fastest growing website in the history of the world.  In fact right here on Forbes, it is the fastest growing company ever. If you look at their stocks there is, you know, some controversy now on their numbers, their metrics, and stuff; but regardless, if you look at the growth they have developed in the industry they’re the best in the world. What they do is, every single day they pick a company to feature and create an irresistible offer with that company. For example, might be, let’s say, it’s like laser hair removal of a kind or a picture of laser hair removal with a statement. Something you’d always sell for seven hundred fifty dollars let’s sell for ninety nine dollars, and you put it up on the website and you do a one day special offer and during that one day, you might sell a hundred, or thousands, or five thousand, or ten thousand or more of these gift cards into the company. What this is creating an incredible offer. Now when Groupon, first started, they launched in Chicago and they did this, and they started getting insane amounts of customers and businesses and they went and they opened more multiple markets, multiple cities that has grown like Jack’s Bean Stalk and now they are pretty much in every city around the world, just because they figured out how to create an irresistible offer for thousands of businesses.

This is one of the most important things in your business. Now, an irresistible offer, if you create it correctly will literally catapult the rest of your business forever.

But the best case study that has ever been created out there is the story of Domino’s Pizza I’m sure you guys have heard the story but if not I kind of want to share with you again. Domino’s Pizza was originally a little restaurant called Dominic’s. These two brothers bought the restaurant.

They tried to run it and didn’t have very much success with it. They really struggled with it. One of the brothers actually sold back his half of Dominic’s for like a Volkswagen, some crazy like that, and obviously changed the name to Domino’s and try to figure out how could we expand this business.  Now, If you are looking at the pizza business, this is by far the most hyper competitive industry in all of restaurant world.  If you look into the yellow pages and look at the restaurant section, there’s every restaurant in the world that are in the restaurant section except for pizza.

Pizza has its own section in the phone book just for pizza because there are so many competitors in that industry so it’s by far the most aggressive, most difficult industry out there.  They came in as a no-name company, they went in against all other pizza places including Pizza Hut which was the number one business; number-one Pizza place in the world at the time, and they came and they created an irresistible offer.  Now if you remember the irresistible offer it was very simple. It was hot fresh pizza in thirty minutes or thirty minutes hot and fresher or it’s free.  That was the irresistible offer.

Now first we may say that’s not a big a deal,but at the time people were used to having slow delivery, the delivery they got was not hot and all those types of things, and it was an irresistible offer that literally changed the way business was done forever. Domino’s went from being an unknown pizza place to becoming the largest chain in the world, beating out even Pizza Hut because of their irresistible offer. Now the reason why Domino’s is not still the number one pizza and Pizza Hut is number one again is because two years back, a bunch of drivers were racing to get to people’s house on time. There are people that got injured an actually died and lawsuits came and Dominos had to get rid of their irresistible offer, and when they got rid of their irresistible offer, guess what happened? Boom other companies started to climb again.

When you have an irresistible offer and that is really the catalyst to any business. So the first thing we need to do is, we need to create an irresistible offer for your dental clinic. This is something that is going to get somebody in the front door. One great example, at one man’s shop was one guy mowing the lawn going door-to-door and exploding his business literally overnight, hint to all the lawn mowing companies in what was their irresistible offer was usually, give us a call, we will come give u free quote on mowing your lawn. That was the offer everyone was giving.  He thought, ‘how can I make an irresistible offer that’s so good that everyone will have to take advantage of it? He said what if we mow the people’s lawns for free? He said instead of charging, we will mow their lawn for free and if we actually mow their lawn, they will probably want us to mow their lawn for free.

Okay, we are going to give away a free lawnmower.  We are going to put up this ad that basically says, free lawn-mowing ,  They ran it on Craigslist, they ran it on other sites, they ran it all over the place and what happened was interesting, as you looked at all the noise out there, all the different lawn mowing companies competing for attention. If you look at these; free consultation; free quote; free boom, boom, boom and also we saw free lawn mowing, and naturally everyone  out there started gravitating to that offer because irresistible offer and this one man  with this lawn-mowing shop, with one little hand mower blew up and became of huge company here in Boise, that’s limited just by their resources to keep growing it.

They get more leads than they can handle right now. In fact, they got more leads over other. That is the power of an irresistible offer. That’s what you need to create in your business. Now it’s very important when you create your irresistible offer, make sure it is something that is focused on your customer; not on you.  Too often when we look advertising out there in the irresistible offer is, “we’ve been around since 1980s”.  We are out on the corner of MainStreet and Broadway, and wherever the ads are on, they are focusing on themselves, and stroking their ego.

They are supposed to be focusing on the customer, the customer, the customer.  So make sure that your offer is focused on the customer.  Again, if you’re confused on how to create an offer, go to groupon.com, start looking at all offers that are running in all these different sites, and you’re going to see which offers are irresistible. The ones that have a hundred, a thousand, five thousand sales in a day are irresistible offers.  The ones that make one or two sales in a day, they are not irresistible offers. So figure out how you can create irresistible offers in your business.

Now, I’ll use a lawn mowing business as an example to lead me to secret number three, but what’s interesting they come and mow the person’s lawn for free and while the person that’s mowing lawn, they look around at all the things that are happening in that person’s yard.

They notice the grass is dryer here because your sprinklers are not working, or there is weeds over here; or hey this mat, and after they mow the persons lawn, they are going to come up to you, notice that your sprinkler is broken, If you want to I can fix that, and I notice that you need some fertilizer on your lawn, and I notice this, and this and this and start up-selling these other services and start making a lot of money as a company, not just mowing lawns but on all the other services, they sold on the backend; and so that leads me to secret number three which is called your Value Ladder.

Now let me kind of tell you a funny story about my life so that you will see the power in a Value Ladder. You kind of just saw it in the lawn mowing company, but here’s dental example. There is a Dental Client that does one dollar new patient exam. So for a dollar, patients come in; they do a consult, they do an exam, they x-ray, you pay a dollar to come in the first time.  So for a new patients, that sounds great, they love it and get their teeth done.

At the clinic, they look at the teeth and during the consultation they ask questions like, “Hey Patient X, I’m curious, did you use to wear a retainer or use to wear braces?, ‘well I can tell, because your teeth are starting to shift again’ patient says, “are you serious? My teeth are shifting?” ‘Yeah, there are starting to shift again, I just noticed them, I just wanted to see if you use to wear braces.’  patient says, Yeah, I did but I don’t want my teeth to shift back again, is there anything I can do?”  He said, ‘well, if you want we can create a retainer for you, and then at night you can wear this retainer and it will keep your teeth in spot when they start shifting’. Patients says, “yes, it happens, please build me that retainer, I don’t care how much it cost, just build it.” I don’t remember the exact price, it was like two or three thousand dollars. Dentist builts this retainer.  Then he is doing his teeth some more and he says, ‘hey Patient X,  I was curious, are you a smoker or do you drink coffee? He says, ‘no I don’t smoke or drink coffee, why do you ask that?’ ‘well your teeth are kind of yellow, I was just curious if you smoked or drink coffee, that is usually why people  have yellow teeth’

He says, “my teeth are yellow, are you kidding me?” Dentist says, ‘well they are kind of yellow’. Patient says, “oh my gosh, what can we do about them?” He said, ‘if you want I can create a teeth whitening kit where we will make these molds for you and you put the stuff in and it will whiten your teeth and make them white.’ Patient says, “Oh yes, whatever it takes to make them white, I don’t want yellow teeth, just whiten my teeth.”  So, he builds the patient the whitening kit and bills him for a couple of thousand.

So, basically what happened, Patient went in a consultation and left with three to five thousand dollars in bills, but guess what, was he upset, was he angry? No. Because he received value because of what happened. Now that’s a great story, and if the Patient has a wife or friends, they may also be told to go in for a one dollar trial, and leaving also with retainers and a widening tray. So a one dollar client can end up spending close to ten thousand dollars from a simple trial, but they don’t care because they are receiving value in the value ladder, and NOT being forced to buy anything, because your services are aligning with your moral obligation towards the patient.

Now I don’t want your marketing to be broken, so let me explain to you how the Value Ladder works. This is a value ladder for a dentist. I want you to take the idea here and build out a customized Value Ladder for your business. You look at left hand axes, here’s the price point and the bottom one is the perceived value. So the more perceived value someone receives, the more money you can charge for it. So for dentists, they come in and they have some things at a very low priced perceived value to get me in the front door.   Free teeth cleaning; free teeth cleaning, that’s my irresistible offer.  For the Lawn mowing company that was free lawn mowing.  For your company, I don’t know what is going to be, but you need to create what’s the bottom of your value ladder; the thing that is going to be free or really cheap, and receive values at the high bids that’s a great offers and irresistible and is going to pull them in. Then as soon as they come in now you want to give them value. They receive value from that very first thing you gave them; from the free lawn mowing, from the teeth cleaning.  They received value they are naturally going to want more. So the dentist they can then send people up their value ladder.  They can offer them two times a year to actually come in and clean their teeth.  They offer them a teeth whitening, they can offer them retainers; they can pay for cavities.  All of these things they can start charging people for, because they gave value at the very beginning. This is how you build a business.

The problem, if you look at Groupon, the people there they’re running offers on Groupon and they complain about it afterwards, because they sell an irresistible offer. They get thousands of new patients in but they don’t have any value ladder; anyway to actually make money of those patients.

You have to put on your marketing hat, and ask yourself, “How can I give this person more value?  I want to share with you a story. Again my friend is a chiropractor, and we were trying to build out his value ladder, and he really struggled with it because his core service was basically adjusting people.

The adjustment, the forty dollars adjustment or whatever it is, and that was kind of a thing he was doing and he was trying to create offers and the problem is a chiropractic adjustment is not a very attractive offer, it’s not a very good irresistible offer.


It was hard to get people to respond to ‘hey, come in and we will do a free adjustment.  It’s hard to get people to respond to that, so I looked at this value ladder and said, Justin, this is like the middle of the value ladder. You know it’s not really super exciting; it’s harder to sell and so what is something we can sell prior to that. To get someone to come into your business and come in to your value ladder. He said, ‘well I’ve got a masseuse, he works here in my business with me. We give way free massage, and when they come in for free massage. The masseuse gives them massage and after that free adjustment and now we’ve got them in the front of our firm for value ladder.

That’s a great idea, so we created these offers. They were basically free massage for ten dollars; twenty dollars, really cheap discounted massage to get someone in the front door. They bring someone through the front door, the masseuse says, ‘I can allign your spine here, I can tell this doctor so & so to come in and adjust you. The doctor would come in, adjust him and say here is the plan we put you on for your adjustment.  So that now becomes the middle of a person’s value ladder.  Okay, it’s a very good front end and middle of the value ladder, and the next day I went back to my chiropractor friend and said you know you went to chiropractic school for a lot of years. You got your degree and other things you learn besides just the adjustment that you can get to your clients that actually gives them value they will pay you for.

He said; yeah, there is this, and this, and this and all those other thing we can do to provide value to our patients. I said why don’t you ever sell those things? Why don’t you ever offer value to people.  If you offer more value, it is not a sales pitch but people, if you offer legitimate value and they receive value at one point your value adder will actually want to send up the higher level.

He says well we do these packages, coaching, things like that and now what happens, someone comes into their business for the free massage, and the discounted massage.  They get on the adjustment plan and the middle of the value ladder and they up-sell them now to health and wellness plans at the top of the value adder for a few thousand dollars. Now he has a good business because he’s got all his upsells in place. So for you in your business, you need to develop your value ladder. You see yours so often you bring them in on the front.


Think about your front end offering, the middle offer, and what’s the thing up the top…Again these are the key points you need when you are building out your business. So that is the third secret; the Value Ladder.